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“A Touch of Danger” – a Thriller by Francis Durbridge 12th, 13th, 14th October 2017

When best-selling author Max Telligan’s secretary Liz and his about to be ex-wife, Harriet, read in the paper that he has been found dead in Munich, they are stunned.  Their shock turns to amazement when Max walks in, very much alive.  The dead man was, in fact, a friend of Max’s and thus begins a sequence of events involving men from the CID, CIA, the security services and a terrorist organisation, all of whom are after a calculator that Max has unknowingly brought back from Germany.  The personal diary that Max is preparing for publication is also an object of interest to various people.  Before long Max finds himself caught up in a dangerous situation where no one is quite what he or she seems, including Harriet!

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