Award Winners 2016

Alan Haines winner Bryan Quinlan with Hannah Lewis; President’s Trophy winner David Williams with Yvonne Hulbert and Dan Long winner of the Chairman’s Trophy with Beverley Stewart

Alan Haines Trophy……….. Bryan Quinlan

* has appeared on stage in a range of different roles as well as being stage manager, director and committee member. 

* more enthusiasm than most people and will always look on the bright side of life. 

* will take a chance and will give people opportunities that they may not otherwise have had

* prepared to stand in at the last minute as they wouldn't want a production not to happen

* gave our audiences one of our most memorable productions which also enhanced our team work especially between the cast.


President’s Trophy ………David Williams

* always willing to help in any way they can

* will put his hand to anything behind the scenes when asked

* invaluable to the running and continuation of The Court Players


Chairman's Award .............. Dan Long

* He is funny, loving, kind, thoughtful

* a good all round Court Player

* turns his hand to almost anything

* works very hard at achieving it