The Court Players Youth Theatre

Meet by arrangement at Rangeowrthy Memorial Hall or the Village Hall, Wickwar

You will receive a monthly newsletter which includes all the gossip from the group, as well as getting priority booking on any tickets you want to book for productions and can also join in and come along to all our social events.

The youth theatre is open to anyone - all we ask for is enthusiasm and that everyone gives 100% and plenty of commitment.

We always listen to you - so if there is something you fancy doing or knowing about within the group, let us know and we will get the right people to do a workshop on it!


Next time you come along to the Youth Theatre, why don’t you bring along a friend (or 2) and let them try it! They can try it for a period of one production (usually 12 weeks) before being politely asked if they would like to join us and become a member!


Youth Theatre have been involved in many activities including: 
Theatre tour of the Bristol Hippodrome
Visiting professional productions
Entertaining the group with singing and dancing before the
Annual General Meeting 
Performing a song and dance routine in Christmas Carol Services 
Learning about stage combat, stage craft and improvisation 
Performed 2 productions of our very own
Participated in the "main adult" productions
Had new members join and have made new friends
But most importantly we have…fun!